Name: Chester
Known Aliases: Chicken, Cheetah, Boo, Fluff-Butt
Suspected Parentage: Alligator Crocodile
Likes: Sleep, Supper, sneaking into the Master Bedroom, Grooming, Licking Plastic
Last Seen: in the Middle Bedroom

Name: Fett (as in "Jango", "Boba", or "MOS")
Known Aliases: Bull-Moose Cat, Chunky Monkey
Weapon of Choice: snotty nose
Suspected Parentage: Beached Whale
Likes: Sleep, Supper, Burrowing into Blankets, chasing laser-pointers
Last Seen: on Mama's couch

Name: Chai
Known Aliases: Chai-chai, Fluff-Tail
Likes: Sleep, Supper, String, Eating Plastic, Daddy's Lap
Last Seen: bug-hunting at the window