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Makershed == The Awesome

posted Oct 23, 2010, 12:56 PM by Lewis Baumstark
I've been working on the 2-wheeled Arduino robot kit, most of which (the kit, the Arduino Uno, and the Motor Shield) was purchased from  Once I got it assembled and running, I discovered one of the wheels was warped, causing it to drift sideways when it should have been moving straight.  I emailed their customer service, requesting a replacement wheel.  To my delight, they responded the next day saying the replacement had been shipped.  That was three or four days ago.

Today, I got the package.  First thing I noticed upon picking it up was that it felt a bit heavy to just be a plastic wheel.

They had sent an entire kit.

They would have guaranteed a repeat customer simply by replacing the defective part.  Cost: maybe a couple bucks with shipping.  Instead, they sent me the entire $40 kit and sent it lickity-split fast.  Now, I wonder where I can get another Arduino and Motor Shield for my 2nd kit? :)