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The shop is *slightly* better organized...

posted May 13, 2011, 1:31 PM by Lewis Baumstark
I noticed recently there were a couple of places in my shop where certain tools and supplies "congregated," places where I was using those same tools over and over again (and, of course, not putting them away).  Makes sense, really.  So I thought it would be great to simply make that the permanent home (versus the rolling tool cabinet) and to have something there to corral those tools.

I found the perfect solution: toolbox trays.  Normally when I use a toolbox, the top tray just gets in the way.  I often end up taking it out but since I'm a packrat it finds it's way onto a dusty shelf somewhere, lonesome, forlorn, forgotten.  Now they have found new life organizing some of the shop's workstations:

Drill Press

Tray holds:
  • drill bit index
  • sharpening fluid (lazy-man's tapping/drilling fluid!)
  • random non-indexed drill bits (Forstners, brad-point, spade)
  • center punches
and most importantly, the chuck key!

Metalworker's Vise

Tray holds:
  • hacksaws (full-size and mini)
  • various files and rasps