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Dat Boot: Shin Prototype

posted Apr 17, 2014, 12:22 PM by Lewis Baumstark

More or less finished with my lower leg prototype.  As with the forearms pieces, I've pre-assembled it using masking tape.  I bought some combat boots for cheap at a surplus store to use with this project; I stuffed one with scrap foam pieces to make it stand up so I could work on the prototype.

Still a little to add here, a little to shave off there, but I think it's ready to duplicate for the other leg.  I originally did the shin guards in 5mm foam, but thought it looked a little anemic (and I got the cutout for the detail work too big), so I re-did it in 10mm.  I really like how the beveled edged came out using the 10mm stock.

The only thing I might change at this point in the white bit right above the foot.  From the side it should flow more with the curve that comes up from the heel.