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Planning and To-Do

There are several ideas I'l like to work on, so many I'm having trouble prioritizing in my head.  This is really just another of those scratchpad-type pages where I'm trying to organize my thoughts.

Things I want to do in the next 1-to-2 years or so (no order or priority, just brainstorming):

 Priority ProjectEst'd Cost  Est'd Time, in
"number of weekends"
 Med CNC Router $600 Cost assumes using my existing router-head
 HighComplete the built-ins  $150 5 
 High Rebuild 3-lb combat robot $150 2 Needs armor & new motors
 Med Build 30-lb combat robot $100010  
 Low Mancave desk$200  
 Med Shop: upgrade lights to fluorescent $225 2 ~7 fixtures @ $25 ea + $50 wiring supplies
 Med Shop: power to electronics workbench $501 separate circuit for table saw, add workbench outlet to existing circuit
 Low Shop: finish out wallboard$60  1 
 Low Shop: cabinets/countertop$500 10 
 Low Shop: new electronics workbench / move existing to T's corner$50 use prep counter that EK gave me; frame out with 2x4's; move small vise to T's workbench, move big one to main workbench
High Refinish front door $50 1 
Low Roomba w/ video camera and sensor overlays $300 2 
Very Low  Robo Rally bot (using Arduino + 2WD platform) $200 2 
 Very Low "astromech": large 'bot with integrated reprap, wifi, electronics workbench, tool storage, etc. $2000+ 10 
 Med Intergalactic Planetary costumes $200 4 
 Med Dee Snyder costume $200 4 
 MedRevive the "Giant Marble Machine" $100  3 Possibly could do for a lot less.  Focus on using found objects plus cheap lumber and hardware (2x4's, etc).