Parts List

posted Feb 16, 2013, 10:50 AM by Lewis Baumstark   [ updated Feb 17, 2013, 9:02 AM ]
Just finished ordering about 95% of the parts I didn't already have on hand.  Here's the parts list so far:




Drive pulley4FingerTech 15T timing pulley 
Weapon motor pulley*FingerTech 16T timing pulley 
Weapon blade pulley *FingerTech 42T timing pulley 
Power switchFingerTech power switch 
Weapon belt *FingerTech 100T timing belt 
Drive beltFingerTech 43T timing belt 
Weapon motorTurnigy Park300 1600kv brushless outrunner motor 
Weapon ESC F-30A/15205 Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC
Motor mounts Kitbots B16 motor mounts (pkg of 2) 
Weapon shaft bearings3/8" ID needle roller bearings, McMaster-Carr p/n:  5905K22
Drive MotorsBeetle B16 Gearmotors 
ReceiverFutaba R2004GF 
Weapon shaft hub 3/8" bore set-screw hub clamps 
Drive motor ESCBanebots bb-3-9 
Wheel1LiteFlite 2-1/2 foam wheel (pkg of 2)
Wheel hubDave's Hubs 4mm bore (pkg of 2) 
Top & bottom armor12"x12"x3/8" Al-6061 plate, McMaster-Carr p/n: 89015K31 
Wheel axle4mm 316-stainless-steel shaft, 200mm long, McMaster-Carr p/n: 1265K37 (enough to make 2 shafts and some spares)
Weapon blade3/8"x2"x36" Al-6061 bar, McMaster-Carr p/n: 8975K593 (enough to make 3 blades) 
Internal bulkheads3 ft3/8"x1-1/4" UHMW bar, McMaster-Carr p/n: 8702K731
Weapon shaft3/8"ODx12" long hardened steel shaft, McMaster-Carr p/n: 6061K32 (enough to make 3+ shafts) 
Armor-to-bulkheads fasteners18-8 stainless steel Plastite screws, 6-19 thread, 3/4" long, 50-count box, McMaster-Carr p/n: 96001A268 

*I'm spec'ing the weapon system using timing belts but the plan is to turn the belts inside-out so they'll be allowed to slip.