Thoughts on DIY and legality

Post date: Oct 20, 2010 1:47:05 PM

Some laws (DMCA, patent law, copyright law) are in conflict with the DIY mentality. At the very least, they get in the way of moving forward quickly. Heck, even contracts and licenses can be written such that things you buy, say consumer electronics, forbid reverse-engineering, unauthorized modifications, etc.

Some apologists for this state of affairs claim "the market" will provide any features, upgrades, etc., that consumers desire and therefore the ability to tinker, tweak, etc., your own bought-and-paid-for property is not necessary. Which is hogwash. At best the market will tailor its products to the demands of the majority. Niche applications are not profitable and understandably so. But that should not preclude people from modifying their own property to suit their own needs.