Dragon*Con 2011 Microbattles

Post date: Sep 7, 2011 12:28:05 AM

First Round: vs. Gilbert

Lost. Opponent's bot was very low-profile. In a bit of surprise, Chili Fixins ran right over him. Every time. Big 'ol tires do that, apparently. I was completely incapable of pushing him, however, so my only strategy was to lure him to the edge and hope he'd drive off it. He's an aggressive driver, as it turns out, and it actually worked the first time! The announcer, however, suggested -- in the spirit of good sportsmanship -- that we have a rematch, to which I agreed. The second time, we both ran off stage simultaneously. The third time, my strategy backfired and *I* ran off stage, losing the match.

Damage Report: none.

Royal Rumble

Lost. Somebody with an active weapon knocked a wheel off, which wasn't that big of a deal -- Chili Fixins is 4-wheel drive and can limp along fairly well on three (or two, if they're the right ones!). Eventually get pushed out, about halfway through the fight.

Damage Report: minor. A dab of superglue and that wheel will be fine.