It pays to RTFM

Post date: Jul 26, 2011 12:26:34 AM

I finally got around to installing a dedicated Rx in Chili Fixins'. Since the Tx and Rx have a "linking procedure" that encodes one to the other and gets them talking on their own channel, I assumed I'd have to re-do the linking procedure every time I switched the Tx to a new bot. Annoying, but it would save me from buying a separate Tx for each bot.

Turns out, the linking procedure stores the Tx's ID number in the Rx, not vice-versa, meaning I *don't* have to re-link every time. Sweet! Just power one bot down before powering the other up and it works.

The next thing I learned from the manual is that my Tx can be configured to mix channels 1 and 2 -- meaning Chili Fixins' can have mix (single-stick) steering! It's built with independent ESCs for each drive motor, meaning no on-ESC mixing (unlike the Scorpion XL ESC used in upChukk, which is a single ESC that controls two motors). I really don't like "tank" steering where you control each drive motor with a different stick, so this is awesome.