Antique Metal Lathe

Update: It turns out this is a late-1800s vintage #5 round belt lathe by W.F. & J. Barnes. Holy cow! I'm still planning to restore it as a working lathe, but may go for a more original restoration (basically using black paint instead of gray). :)

Notice I've changed the page title to reflect that this is, truly, an antique.

I found a well-worn machinist's lathe at a junk dealer. His price was VERY fair, given the condition. At $100 I figured it was worth the risk:

  • 9-1/2 inch swing
  • appr. 30 inch bed
  • 3-jaw chuck
  • steady rest
  • 1/2 HP motor; multiple pulleys allow for speed changes by changing the V-belt positions
  • power feed

I have yet to find any kind of identifying markings on it, so I have no idea who made it, how old it is, etc. I assume there used to be a cover over the exposed gears; it's a good bet that's where the name plate was. (I no longer think it had a cover plate.)

It will take some TLC to get it into working condition. At the least I expect to:

  • clean off the rust
  • lube all moving parts
  • paint
  • build a bench (hopefully with casters)
  • possibly build a gearbox cover (I'm thinking a plexiglass shield that keeps fingers away but also lets the character of the lathe show)
  • replace the drive belts
  • buy a tool post and tool holder
  • replace the motor's power cord
  • repack/replace the bearings? no bearings!

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