Mini Sumo Bot: "George Clinton"

So named because all the colored wires leading into the Arduino remind me of George Clinton's hair.

Built for the Dragon*Con 2012 Mini Sumo competition, which uses the AHRC rules. No real build notes since I mostly just threw it together and let it evolve as I did so. The general style is inspired by the Sumovore.


  • Arduino UNO (brain)
  • Parallax PING)) ultrasonic sensor (for opponent tracking)
  • (4x) QTR-1RC reflectance sensor (for ring edge detection)

Drive System

  • (2x) SpringRC SM-S4303R continuious servos (drive motors)
  • (2x) Solarbotics SW servo wheels


  • 9-volt battery for electronics
  • (4x) AAA batteries for drive system

The structure is pretty much all UHMW (mostly leftover scraps) held together with wood screws.

Now featuring exclusive "Button Shield" technology!