Added Some Bling

Post date: Apr 20, 2012 1:41:52 AM


I did this with a hacked TinyCylon kit from As you can kinda sorta see in the pictures, I moved the LEDs to a separate board (just a scrap of perfboard I scavenged) connected with a piece of 6-conductor ribbon cable (left over from the Guitar Hero guitar guts I removed to make the Electric Funkatron). Instead of using the included battery pack, I soldered on the power and ground wires from a servo cable (saved from a gear-stripped servo) and plugged it into an unused channel on the radio receiver. Which is a weird place to draw power, but the voltage is there thanks the Battery Elimination circuit on the speed controller feeding the receiver. (I had planned on powering the TinyCylon directly from the FLIP channel of the ESC, but apparently the Scorpion XL ESC does not provide BEC on that channel.)

LED breakout board and ribbon cable:

Servo cable for power: