Dragon*Con 2012 Robot Battles: Microbattles Report

Post date: Sep 2, 2012 10:01:06 PM

The bad news: Naked Singularity went out in the first round due to poor driving -- I *almost* had him but then messed up and drove off stage.

The worse news: Because of a D*C screwup, Robot Battles had their competition time cut short, so no second match via double-elimination brackets...and no Royal Rumble. Sad Panda is sad.

The good news: Naked Singularity held up mighty well against a sturdy drum spinner (one based on the Weta kit). My wedge did exactly what it was supposed to and forced him on top of my bot -- which meant he dinged up my wedge-blade and nicked my front tire. I'm probably lucky he didn't do more damage to the tire; his spinner was right on it.

There have been times I thought solid top-armor was overkill, but it turned out to be a life-saver here (completely by accident).