Robot Battles 46 Report

Post date: Jan 27, 2013 1:06:32 AM

Chattacon was a blast this year. 11 beetles and 4(ish) antweights.

Naked Singularity's stats this competition:

Round 1 vs. Chuck Norris: win

Round 2 vs. Shame Spiral: win (plus some very awesome sparking when Shame Spiral got caught in the arena hazard).

Round 3 vs. Pyramid of Death: loss, kicked down to the loser's bracket

Round 4 vs. Churck Norris (repeat thanks to the oddities of double elimination): loss.

Chuck Norris, built and driven by some of my UWG students, progressed to the final, winning the beetleweight class by defeating Pyramid of Death with 3 seconds remaining on the clock. Awesome fight! I came in third overall.

The rumble featured all bots from both weight classes. I placed second, finally getting pushed out after a last-two-men-standing extended dance with my arch-nemesis Wedgie.

Damage report:

  • All four tires, plus my 2 spares, got shredded and/or ground down by the arena hazard. I love the cost and weight of LiteFlite tires, but perhaps I should investigate another option. (It appears FingerTech will soon have some minisumo wheels in the right size. Also, McMaster-Carr has polyurethane rod that could be machined into the proper dimensions, but man it's expensive at about $5 per wheel.)
  • The power switch was acting flaky; it won't always turn on. Not having power is bad, mmkay? Investigate battle-worthy options (perhaps the FingerTech power switch, when it comes out).
  • Lots of scratches on the armor, but it held together beautifully.