OpenWRT with Cisco E3000 Router

I got a Cisco E3000 router for free from Comcast for participating int their IPv6 trials. I want to use it in the "Roomba Recon" project from MAKE 27. This means getting the OpenWRT firmware installed on it.

Unfortunately, the e3000 is still a bit experimental there, so this hasn't been easy. I should have been recording my notes on the process from the beginning.

Things I should remember:

  1. upload .bin files when flashing from an existing OpenWRT install (maybe?)
  2. 5. This link is a lifesaver -- excellent tftp firmware-flashing instructions
  3. If I lose ethernet ability after a new flash, there is a brief period when rebooting when the router (@ will in fact respond long enough to start a tftp transfer (play it safe and use the known-good-state cisco firmware)
  4. When the time comes (*if* it comes), here's the link to the openwrt roomba code.

My Serial Port Setup

This is a life-saver! I'd have a brick without it.

I soldered jumper wires onto the pads (see pic on this page) inside the router:

  • Orange: Tx
  • Yellow: Rx
  • Green: GND

USB cable with a 3.3-V FTDI basic breakout (purchased from Sparkfun).

Connections are:

  • Orange --> FTDI Rx
  • Yellow --> FTDI Tx
  • Green --> FTDI GND

Using TeraTerm for Windows as my terminal emulator (115000@8N1).