Quick and Dirty Steampunk Goggles

I went to an estate auction one dreadfully hot Saturday, hoping to score some tools on the cheap. Now, the way this auction worked is that the auctioneer was doing his thing in this basement workshop, with all the bidders crowded around bidding. The auctioneer would stand in front of a workbench and say "you're bidding on this workbench and everything on in, in it, or under it." Junk was piled everywhere. I won a bid on a pretty nice oak-topped workbench that had an awesome old machinist's vise on it -- let's just say I paid a LOT less than it was worth. (Frankly, I was bidding on the vise -- the bench was just a nice bonus.)

Among the piles of random junk on the workbench was a box containing several assorted pairs of old welding goggles. A little scrap upholstery leather and little brass spray paint later and voila! Some steampunk goggles were born! (I used another pair of goggles from that same lot to build my Ghostbuster Goggles.)