Parts List

Post date: Apr 30, 2011 3:11:06 PM

After many iterations of "well, I bought it but that was the wrong thing" I finally have all the parts in that I need to move forward. Here's what it's using:

  • Drive system
    • (2x) Beetle B62 gearmotors
    • (2x) Banebots 4mm x 1/2" hex hubs
    • (2x) Banebots 2-7/8" x 0.4" hex mount wheels
    • Scorpion XL ESC
  • Weapon system
    • EFL-200 Six-Series 2700 kV brushless motor
    • (2x) Fingertech 18T Timing Pulley
  • Transmitter and Receiver: Futaba 4YF 4-channel 2.4-GHz FHSS Sport Radio System

Still need a brushless ESC for the weapon motor (I bought one already but dang if it was the wrong amp-rating. I could've sworn I spec'd it correctly!)