Post date: May 1, 2011 7:39:32 PM

I weighed everything I have, which is *most* of the bot, and it came in at 2.79 pounds.


  • This is using "back board" (kind of a thin MDF) for the top and bottom armor plates. When I switch to something more durable that will probably add weight.
  • Using the wrong weapon ESC, since I don't have the correct one yet. It should be very close, however.
  • One of my support pieces is a bit big, so I'll shave a few grams there.
  • Doesn't include wiring or some screws.

A more sinister problem: I'm running out of wheel clearance. I've had some 0.220" acrylic (i.e., lexan/plexiglass) that I'd planned to use for the top and bottom armor plates. Two thicknesses of that, plus the 2" high supports mean I'm at 2.44" thick overall, not counting any protruding screw heads and nuts. My wheels are 2-7/8" in diameter (2.875"), putting the body much closer to the ground than I'd like.

I have some thinner acrylic that should work, but it seems too flimsy. My hope is that with the internal supports it will be ok, but I won't be convinced until I see it.